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Les Clares Petites

IGP Côtes Catalanes

Grape varieties : Grenache blanc 50%, Roussane 40%, Torbat (Malvoisie) 10%

The soil : The Grenache grapes come from the vineyard which also provides the grapes for the cuvée “Les Clares”. This large vineyard of 7 hectares is planted with 65 years ­old vines. Depending on the different types of soil and climate the grapes can be selected according to their future destination. For “Les Clares Petites” we have selected vines that produce juicier grapes with less potential in alcohol compared to those used in the cuvée “Les Clares”. We continue to keep a strict control on the quantity produced limiting it to an average 20 hl/hectare. The vines are on a light clayey soil mixed with stones and are thus well drained.

The Roussane grapes grow in a vineyard called “The First Vine” which also has distinct soil structures. The grapes from the fine and sandy clay soil on the eastern part are used in “Les Clares Petites” whereas the western side which joins up with the stony terraces of Les Clares provides grapes for the wine of the same name.

The Torbat grapes (also called Catalan Malvoisie grapes) are grown next to the Roussane vines on the same type of soil.

Wine making : The grapes are hand­picked as everywhere on the estate and taken to the winery in crates. The bunches of grapes are kept intact and the crates are emptied one after the other into a wine press. The temperatures of fermentation are maintained between 16 and 18°C. The wine is bottled at the end of April.

Remarks : “Les Clares Petites” is a light refreshing wine.

Gastronomy : “Les Clares Petites” can accompany all sorts of starters, salads, ham, quiches, white meats, fish and certain cheeses (Conté, young Cantal, fresh goat’s cheese). Dishes with particularly strong flavours should be avoided. This wine is intended for simple food.

Les Clares Petites2016, 2021
9,90 TTC the bottle - 75cl
Livraison offerte à partir de 400€ d'achat ou de 30 bouteilles.
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