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A domain set in ancient lands

La Casenove, 10 kms south of Perpignan situated in the commune of Trouillas. A vast manor built of brick and stone, tall trees and sun, a vineyard in the old tradition, worn and vibrant. Displaying the beauty of an abbey with its 14th century tower and its remnants from the time of the Knight Templars : an order which in the Roussillon had its moments of glory all around la Casenove leaving an indelible mark on the countryside. The stone ; history ; and then the great silent cellars abutting the house. La Casenove is a very old and magnificent vineyard, that has remained in the same family for more than 400 years. With its 50 hectares on a single site stretching to the lower slopes of the Aspres hills and yet so close to the Mediterranean.

With its deep blue sky, the Tramontane wind and the imposing mass of the Canigou mountain in the background – so near but far – the Casenove vineyard is a soft enclave, a luminescent isle, pointing to a nearby Empordà.
La Casenove offers unique surroundings, atop the banks of a small Mediterranean stream, almost a wadi, the Reart. If one knows how to decipher the richness of these surrounds, then one discovers a concentration of geological history of some 25 million years that is the Roussillon. A true, strong land that alternates in beauty between its often dry river-bed and La Catalane artery. Despite this apparent simplicity La Casenove’s surroundings depict across a few hectares a mosaic of “terroirs” that confer a combination of depth, agility and febrility on the vines. These subtle variations in soil, sub-soil and topograpy merge into a series of unique blends that requires skill and craft to extract the best.