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VSIG (Wine made from overripe grapes)

Wine variety : 100% Muscat petit grain

The Land : Sandy clay

Vintage : 2018

Vinification : Hand picked and put in cases. We wait for the raisen to dry up on the vine so that it becomes caramelised and roasted. The maceration process lasts for a few hours is then pressed and made in the traditional white wine method. The fermentation is made with indigionous yeasts. The very high sugar content in the wine makes it so that the fermentation process is not compleated and finishes with a total of residual sugar of 84g/litre for an acidity of 5.20 and a degre of 13%.

Maturing of the wine : In tanks

Observations : This wine can only be made in very particular circumstances, the most important of which is that the total acidity equals the high sugar content. On the contrary the wine is not elaborated as a late harvest wine, but an early harvest wine. This variety of grape suffers under the clayey soil and the high temperatures of August dry the raisen. This harvest represents 7hl/ha that is, 1/4th the normal harvest.

At the Table : This wine belongs to the liquor familly of wines and like these, pairs well with the big clasics, such as : foie gras, desserts, blue cheeses… but also works well with spicy, exotic cuisines or simply drunk cool on a warm summers day.

25,00 TTC the bottle - 50cl
Livraison offerte à partir de 400€ d'achat ou de 30 bouteilles.
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Our wines are sold in boxes of 6 bottles so that your order travels in the best conditions. You can mix your order by choosing several wines.