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La Garrigue

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Grape varieties : Carignan 40%, Syrah 40%, Grenache 20%

Soil : The majority of the Carignan grapes come from a 75 years ­old vine called Les Pins. The Syrah grapes are from two younger vines, one of 15 and the other of 25 years of age, both of which are situated next to the old Carignan vines. All these vines are on the poorest soil of the estate and their roots have to fight their way through the layers of stones and clay in search of nutriment.

The 45 year­old Grenache vines are planted around the house on a lighter clayey soil.

Wine making : The grapes are hand­picked and taken to the winery in crates where they are destalked above the vats. The old Carignan grapes are not destalked. The wine making takes place in paraffin treated brick and cement tanks over a period of four weeks. The wine is matured for two years before being bottled.

Remarks : A deep intense dark colour, a fruity nose of blackcurrants and blackberries with a hint of liquorice and pepper­seasoned lavender help to make this wine certainly the best expression of the estate in a blended wine. It is ready to be drunk now but may be enjoyed for another 5 to 8 years.

Gastronomy : La Garrigue will go well with grilled and roasted red meats of course but also : tournedos with marrow, saddle of hare à la Piron, veal sauté with horse chestnuts and mushrooms etc…

La Garrigue2018
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